Maggy Villette is a performer, vocal coach, and singing teacher, but her love for vocal work and people doesn't stop there. She also works with people with disabilities or serious illnesses (autism, down's syndrome, multiple sclerosis, etc.), as they benefit greatly from her singing lessons, which help them better manage their stress and daily activities.

Some of her lessons bring together autistic and non-autistic children, which allow them to learn about each other's differences and become more tolerant of one another.
She also organizes performances with children from a variety of backgrounds, which show that our differences make this world a more interesting place, and that singing and vocal work can help children grow, focus, and become more attentive to others.

Art Therapy vocal, Maggy Villette by sergebriez

Maggy Villette's Bio:

Maggy Villette was born in France in the 1970s and discovered the magic of Gospel with black American Christians. She is an inspired vocal performer, with a repertoire including opera, chanson réalistes (French realist songs), blues, gospel, etc. Maggy can sing just about anything and does so with sensitivity, passion, and spirit.

Upon discovering the benefits of ethnic music used in Yoga, Pilates, and Tai-Chi, she developed her own vocal technique incorporating both physical and vocal exercises. She has been using this technique for the past 10 years and is now highly regarded for her effective teaching methods and professionalism.