Maggy Villette sings Edith Piaf

The songs of Edith Piaf give Maggy Villette the opportunity to combine his talents as an actress, storyteller and singer. She not only sings the songs with passion but she lives and makes us live. It communicates his feelings to the public, leaving him unforgettable.

Accompanied on the piano by the man she calls "the Rolls Royce" of pianists Jose Arrue, Gold Medal at the Conservatoire d'Avignon, First Prize of the city of Paris, License concert normal music school of Paris. He is director of the music school of Villeneuve les Avignon and teaches at the Conservatory of Ouest Provence.

Maggy Villette sings Edith Piaf, MEDLEY par sergebriez

Maggy Villette's Bio:

Maggy Villette was born in France in the 1970s and discovered the magic of Gospel with black American Christians. She is an inspired vocal performer, with a repertoire including opera, chanson réalistes (French realist songs), blues, gospel, etc. Maggy can sing just about anything and does so with sensitivity, passion, and spirit.

Upon discovering the benefits of ethnic music used in Yoga, Pilates, and Tai-Chi, she developed her own vocal technique incorporating both physical and vocal exercises. She has been using this technique for the past 10 years and is now highly regarded for her effective teaching methods and professionalism.