As the Artistic Director of l’École de Chant du Grand Avignon (the Greater Avignon Singing School), Maggy Villette gives lessons to theater companies, songwriters, composers, and singers. She also works with individuals and professionals whose voice is an essential work tool (teachers, company leaders, politicians, salespeople, etc.).

"Your voice is your work tool, you must take care of it and learn how to use it properly without wearing it out. My job is to help you do just that." Maggy Villette

Maggy's paramedical background as an ENT assistant and her interest in vocal techniques inspired her ongoing exploration of the relationship between the body and voice, and led her passion for phoniatry.

Maggy Villette offers in-company trainings or workshops for groups or individuals to teach you how to make better use of your voice on a daily basis. She also offers individual training sessions and vocal coaching to help you turn your voice into the best possible expression of your personal and professional qualities.

Her objective: Ensure that your voice doesn't reveal your stress, discomfort, fatigue or even your shyness, but rather expresses the full extent of your personality and all your personal and professional qualities. She wants you to be able to express who you really are!

Maggy Villette's Bio:

Maggy Villette was born in France in the 1970s and discovered the magic of Gospel with black American Christians. She is an inspired vocal performer, with a repertoire including opera, chanson réalistes (French realist songs), blues, gospel, etc. Maggy can sing just about anything and does so with sensitivity, passion, and spirit.

Upon discovering the benefits of ethnic music used in Yoga, Pilates, and Tai-Chi, she developed her own vocal technique incorporating both physical and vocal exercises. She has been using this technique for the past 10 years and is now highly regarded for her effective teaching methods and professionalism.